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April 2, 2010
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  Yoruichi stood outside Karakura High School, looking for Orihime.  Her somewhat large belly pressed against her shirt, evidence of her last meal.  The two muggers (and Ururu) hadn't fully digested yet, but Yoruichi had still gotten hungry.  And now she was looking forward to her large-breasted breakfast.  She stayed behind a tree, watching the students walk out.  After a few minutes, with no Orihime, she considered going after someone else.  Then Orhime came out, singing and skipping, full of sunshine.  Yoruichi smiled, licking her lips.  (Orihime, nice and gentle.)  She thought, walking out from her hiding spot.  She followed the happy-go-lucky girl, until they were alone.  "Yo!  Orihime!"  She shouted, waving her hand.
  Orihime turned around, suprized.  "Oh!  Hi!"  She said happily, skipping over.  "What is it?"  She asked.
  Yoruichi smiled, walking ahead.  "Come on, I want to show you something!"  She called back, thinking (The inside of my belly!)  Orihime nodded, running after her.  Yoruichi brought her to a [Conveniently placed] alley, a catlike smile on her face.  
  Orihime ran up beside her, asking "What did you want to show me?"  Yoruichi almost grabbed her, but held herself back.
  Instead, she simply said, "THIS!" , grabbing her shoulders.  Before Orihime could shout, Yoruichi's mouth covered her head.  Orihime tried to push her off, shouting and kicking, but was overwhelmed by Yoruichi's strength.  Yoruichi grabbed her arms, pushing her shoulders in.  She gripped tightly, swallowing.  Her mouth touched Orihime breasts, and she smiled.  Her stomach growled, so she swallowed again.  She got very little farther, blocked by Orihime's breasts.  (Damn boobs!  How am I gonna get any further!?)  She thought to herself, pushing Orhime's squirming body in.  After a great effort, she got past that hard spot.  A bit tired, she decided to let Orihime wriggle herself down for a little, leaning her head back.  She rubbed her swelling stomach, moaning as Orihime slid down her throat.  One of Orihime's shoes fell off, and her skirt fell, covering Yoruichi's face.  Slightly annoyed, Yoruichi pushed it away, but picked up the shoe.  She decided to take it as a souvenir, putting it in her shirt.
  As Orihime's waist entered her mouth, Yoruichi swallowed, seizing her oppertunity.  Orhime's struggles were beginning to die down.  She leaned against the wall, grabbing Orihime's legs.  She pulled for leverage, making another swallow, and making it to Orhime's thighs.  Yoruichi slurped them down like noodles, grinning, eyes closed.  As the last bit of her slid down, Yoruichi belched, almost falling from the force.  She felt Orihime's shifting and squirming and smiled.  "They always think they can escape,"  She said with a rather amused smirk.  She pat her massive belly, walking ahead.  Orihime's muffled shouts were impossible to hear, though Yoruichi knew what she was saying, let me out.  She rubbed the huge bulge, feeling Orihime's outline in her flesh.  The struggles were beginning to stop, and each blow lost strength.  Soon, it stopped completely, though Orihime's weak voice continued.  Yoruichi put her hand over mouth, burping out what air she had left.  Mere seconds later, the voice stopped.  Yoruichi passed a body sized mirror and stopped to examine herself.  Her massive gut bulged five feet ahead of her, sloshing and churning. Her overshirt was opened to allow the huge orb to hang out, though still covered her breasts.  Thankfully she hadn't worn her undershirt, otherwise it would have ripped.  She pulled Orihime's shoe out, chuckling.  "Well thanks for the free food, Orihime,"  Yoruichi said, rubbing her belly, "I would have starved without you!"
  She wondered who to find next, but decided to let Orihime digest first.  She settled on a park bench, letting her massive stomach rest in her lap.  She told a puzzled looking woman she was pregnant, fooling her.
  "Yoruichi-sama?"  A familiar voice came behind her.  
  Yoruichi turned, and sure enough, Soifon was there.  "Oh hi,"  Yoruichi said pleasantly.  
  "What's happened to you?"  Soifon asked, putting a hand on Yoruichi's belly.  
  "Oh, funny you should notice..."  Yoruichi trailed off, gripping Soifon's shirt, and opening her mouth...
  Minutes later, she rubbed her stomach, feeling Soifon's struggles die out.  (I gotta stop leaving loose ends!)  Yoruichi thought, blocking a belch with her hands.  Her stomach covered her lap, and hung over her knees.  Sleepy, she closed her eyes, as Soifon stopped moving.  Content, she drifted into sleep.
The sequel to my first Yoruichi story, and I consider it better written. Lemme know what you think.

Yoruichi, Orihime and Soi-Fon (c) Tite Kubo
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Poor Orihime.
Yeah, poor her. But good for Yoruichi!
I bet she was so yummy.
I'm sure of it. XD
Hey, really random and off topic, but just wanted to thank you for the Optimus Prime signature. :D
Sorry to Ruler101 for being off-topic
You're welcome!
Aww... I like Soi Fon... Great story anyway! I'd love to see more!
It's just her personality that I hate.
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