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  Ichigo opened his eyes, for a second blinded by the light above him.  "What..."  He mumbled, trying to rub his aching forehead.  He noticed his hands were tied.  "Huh?"
  "Well, look whose awake!"  Suddenly a voice said.  Something struck Ichigo across the jaw.  As he spit out a bit of blood, Grimmjow came into view, grinning.  
  "Grimmjow!"  He shouted, trying to stand.  The same bands that held his wrists held him down.  When he looked he saw his hands were tied around a pole in the corner of a white room.  "Where the hell am I!?"  He shouted, pulling against his bonds.  
  Grimmjow smiled, pulling his leg back to kick again.  "Shut it!"  He said.
  "Grimmjow, don't!"  A voice said behind them.  As Grimmjow stepped aside, Aizen stepped into view.  His face was smug and arrogant.  "Ichigo."  He said simply.  
  "What the hell is this you bastard!?"  Ichigo screamed, pulling as hard as he could.  
  Aizen smiled.  "I have some experiments that need to be done."  He put a hand over Ichigo's mouth.  "These are physical and mental.  Szayel here has made a few,"  He said, gesturing to a pink haired in the room, "Modifications to your body."  He shrugged.  "I'm going to see if they work."
  "What about the mental part!?"  Ichigo growled.  
  Aizen smiled.  "You'll see."  He said, then looked to the door, signaling for someone to bring something in.  "He's awake, bring her in."
  "Bring who-"  Ichigo stopped as Ulquiorra came in, dragging an unconcious Rukia in by her collar.  "Rukia!"  He shouted, pulling desperatly against his bonds.  He glared at Aizen.  "What are you doing with her!?"  He screamed.
  Aizen seemed suprized.  "I'm not doing anything to her!"  He said, feigning shock.  He then pinted to Ichigo.  "YOu're the one who's going to eat her."  
  "What!?"  Ichigo shrieked.  "You're out of your mind!"  He said, kicking at him.
  Aizen smiled again.  "Fine then."  He said.  He looked at Grimmjow.  "Hold his mouth open."
  Before Ichigo could react Grimmjow grabbed his mouth, forcing it open.  Ulquiorra shoved Rukia's head in.  Much to Ichigo's shock, his mouth widened around it, then her shoulders.  Ulquiorra was shoving her down, aided by Ichigo instinctive swallowing.  Getting his senses back, Ichigo tried to cough Rukia out, but Ulquiorra held her in place.  Ichigo gave into survival instinct, swallowing Rukia's shoulders and reaching past her breast.  Another shove and he was down to her stomach.  He tried to froce himself to cough her out, but his body kept swallowing her.  Ichigo felt tears well up in his eyes as His mouth passed over Rukia's stomach.
  He swallowed again, pulling her waist in.  He tried not to think it, but he noticed Rukia tasted rather good, disgusted at the thought.  (This is my friend, not a piece of meat!)  And yet, he found it easier to swallow her every gulp.  His lips passed her knees, leaving only her calves to dangle out of his mouth.  Ichigo looked down to see his stomach, which bulged out with Rukia's form.  With another forced swallow, he reached her feet.  As his lips wrapped around them, he noticed Ulquiorra had his hands behind his back.  (He stopped pushing...)  Ichigo thought, as the bulge of Rukia's feet slid down into his belly.  (That means I...I...ate Rukia...myself!)  Tears began to pour from his eyes, streaming warmly over his cheeks.  He was a monster, no better than the ones who had shoved her in.  His massive gut groaned, resting between his legs, evidence of the crime he had commited.  
  "Don't feel too bad."  Aizen said, kneeling beside Ichigo.  "After all, what choice did you have?"  He asked, with a hint of sarcasm.  "And save the drying for later, since your not done yet."  He finished, standing up.
  "What do you mean!?"  Ichigo shouted, tears still dripping from his eyes.  There was no way he could do that again, he could stand that idea.  The idea that he would eat another person, it began to crush him.  He just wanted to get away.
  But quickly, Ulquiorra came in, dragging Uryu in by his neck.  He picked him up, shoving his head into Ichigo's mouth.  Fresh tears began to leave dirty streaks down his face.  Painfully, he swallowed, reaching Uryu's shoulders....

  A few minutes later, Ichigo watched his huge gut finally rest in his lap, twice as large as before.  Uryu and Rukia's forms sometimes pressed against his stomach walls, there outlines breifly visible.  As his massive belly, gurgled and churned, Aizen kneeled beside the still crying Ichigo.  "Well, at least your done."  He said cheerfully, giving Ichigo's belly a light pat.  
  "Get away!"  Ichigo cried, biting at him.  He looked down, trying to hide his shame.  Warm tears dripped onto his stomach, as it's gurgling suggested digestion was beginning.  Ichigo's tears came faster, as he finally stopped pulling against his restraints.  His arms were too tired to struggle any more.
  "Well, your done for today anyway."  Aizen said, walking out of the room, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra following.
  "What!?" Ichigo screamed.  "What do you mean, answer me!"  He shrieked, giving one last pull.  His swollen midsection made it hard to move.  The door slammed, leaving Ichigo alone.  The only good thing he could sense was the feeling of his new found belly.  The sensation was oddly pleasing, warm as well.  Ichigo quickly closed his eyes, just wishing he could fall asleep.
  Soon, resting his head against his belly, he did, finally drifting into sleep.   
This is a request from Animatedfantasy, whom I tahnk for the support and praise.

I don't know if you'll think it's that good. Also sorry about the length, but the next one will definitely be longer!
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animatedfantasy Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
Wow, off to a very nice start. You made it way more emotional then I thought it was going to be! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next part!
Ruler101 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
I did put some emotion in to this one, didn't I? Well, I probably won't put too much in the next one. I was just trying to try my hand at emotions. (I'm very, very bad at it!)
animatedfantasy Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
I disagree. I thought you did do an excellent job. It was really depressing, which it was supposed to be.
Ruler101 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
You really got a sense of emotion from this? Well, thanks. In the next Ichigo has less time to think, and since WE know what's going to happen, I don't need to make him feel TOO bad.
animatedfantasy Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
Alright. Cool. Well you are better at the emotion then you think you are.
Ruler101 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2010
Thank you. =)
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